Garden in a Jar

Mason jar or glass bottle
Potting soil
Seed packet
Raffia or ribbon
Fabric and cotton batting

  • Directions

    1. Pour charcoal layer into Mason jar, gently shaking to settle the layer evenly.
      There should be about of charcoal at the bottom of the jar. Repeat the same
      step when adding vermiculite and perlite.
    2. Next, add potting soil, fill to an 1 from the top of the jar (leaving room for seeds.)
    3. Plant seeds using instructions on the seed packet.
    4. Use the lid of the jar as a template to trace and cut out batting. Place the lid back on the jar. Put the batting on top of the lid. Cut a 6 circle of fabric to top
      the jar . Tie in place with raffia or ribbon.

    Add the seed packet to ribbon-tie as decoration. You may also glue a piece of
    cardstock with basic seed care instructions on the backside.

    Watering Your Garden:
    Spray the seeds with 3 squirts of water. Put the lid on the jar and set your garden
    in a warm, light place out of direct sunlight. If there are no drops of water on
    the inside of the jar the next day, spray more water inside. If drops completely
    cover the inside of the jar, leave the lid off for a day.

    Fill entire jar with soil layers in reverse order (soil on bottom and charcoal on top),
    but do not plant seeds. This way contents of the jar can be poured into a
    pot or container. Your gift recipient can then plant the seeds in their own time.




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